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Pegasun System Utilities is a suite of tools intended to optimize your system by recovering storage space, boosting performance and repairing errors, among other things. The program has a nice interface, which is quite similar to those of other software of its kind. The benefits you get from using this product depend on your computer skills. If you do not consider yourself a techie, one-click maintenance is probably the best choice, which is like trusting control to an automatic pilot and letting it do all the difficult work for you.

Yet, more experienced users, or those who like to keep control, can use any of the available utilities, which are more than 26. In this regard, one of the most useful actions has to do with freeing disk space. The program can effectively find and erase useless data left behind by web browsers, downloads and temp files. Also related to disk usage and optimization, there is the disk defragmentation option, which increases the speed at which data is retrieved.

If your computer becomes noticeably slow, it is perhaps due to registry errors. Good news is that Pegasun System Utilities promises to find and eliminate them without much user intervention. In addition, if the system is taking too long to start up, you can use this program to clean the list of programs that run automatically. Thus, taking into consideration the advice provided by the tool, you can decide to keep, disable or delete specific entries.

Some programs, such as games, require a lot of dedicated resources. Turbo Mode can help you do this by stopping unnecessary processes. Besides, it is a good idea to clean your system’s RAM as well.

Although Pegasun System Utilities is not an antivirus program, it can contribute to keeping your data secure. In this respect, the tool promises to save you from various types of spyware. Likewise, it has a built-in backup manager to make frequent copies of selected files.

All in all, Pegasun System Utilities is indeed a comprehensive collection of tools with an impact on system performance, security, and stability. The product is available in two versions. As it usually happens, the free version has lots of limitations if you compare it with the paid one. And, if you do not want to install the program on your system, you may be glad to hear that there is a portable version as well.

Pedro Castro
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  • Large collection of utilities
  • One-click maintenance
  • Finds and deletes useless data
  • Fixes registry errors
  • Turbo mode available
  • Protects against spyware
  • Portable version
  • Built-in backup manager


  • Lots of limitations in the free version
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